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Portable Building Site

Site Toilet2

Our Portable Building Site Toilet is a quality product it is slightly larger than normal as its built for the American market. All our toilets are green in order to try and blend in with the surroundings rather than spoiling our beautiful surroundings with a brighter colour.

It is double walled which makes it a bit more robust and sturdy its cleverly designed inside with no flat surfaces to discourage rubbish and dirt collecting inside therefore it stays cleaner for longer.

It is fitted with a foot pump flush system (which is much more hygienic than the conventional hand pump system) and a foot flush sink along with soap dispenser.

Dimensions: 2280(h) x 1120(w) x 1220(d) 3foot 8 by 4ft in real money.

Full service provided

We hire builders loos to builder right across Lancashire, the lake district and Cumbria from one man self builds to Burlington Stone through to Major School rebuilds we can work with your project to ensure you get what you  need. The price includes servicing and is based on the length of project and numbers expected on site.

Delivery and collection is normally free and there is no minimum hire period so email call or text  today and we will deliver it tomorrow.

Servicing of welfare Units


If you have your own welfare unit we can service this for you as regularly as you like. Just email call or text us today and we will get you included in our servicing run.

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